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Cookies and data protection

This web site may set a session cookie in your browser. This is so that the web server can connect your page views together in the same way that you, when listening to a conversation, connect individual words together to be able to understand what is being said.

The cookie will be forgotten when your browser closes or after about 17 minutes after your last page view at this site. The web server does not retain any permanent information just due to the session cookie's existence.

The web pages here do not include content from other web sites that may set a cookie of their own; ie you should not get third party cookies, these are cookies from other sites that may be used to track you as you move around the Internet. It was concerns about these that led to the EU passing 2002/58/EC, (now part of UK law) and revised as 2009/136/EC (also reflected in UK law); the purpose was to protect individuals' privacy, in particular protection from cross site tracking ‐ eg: search for a sofa on one site and be shown good deals of sofas when you first arrive at another web site.

This site does not ask for permission before setting a session cookie since: these do not provide long term memory of your visit or what you were doing; neither is the cookie available to any other web site.

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Records kept of your visit

The web server will keep in its Apache log files a record of your vist: date & time, IP address, URL visited and any errors that may have occurred ‐ as is standard Apache logging.

Apache, and other, log files will usually be kept for about a month. If a problem is being investigated they (or parts of) may be kept for longer.

These Apache log records are analysed by AWStats to provide aggregate statistics about topics such as: web site performance; the most popular pages & busy times of day.

More permanent information may be kept as a result of you filling in a form (eg enquiry) or sending an email. This information will only be shared with our staff and, on a needs to know basis, web site maintainers. We will, reluctantly, share records with law enforcement, or others, as required by UK law.

Other records

In addition to Apache (web access) logs, other sub-systems will record activity. As with web logs these are kept for similar durations & reasons: performance and problem analysis. Often IP addresses will be logged. Some of those listed below might not be relevant to this web site.


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